Veranstaltung: c:o/re Lecture Series “Cultures of Research”, Winter Term 2022/23, Aachen & Online

Join us for the c:o/re Lecture Series “Cultures of Research” in the Winter Term 2022/23!
Time: Wednesdays 5.00 to 6.30pm, in presence and online.
Registration: Please send an email to: to register for the lecture series and to receive the zoom link.

More Infos: check our website: for updates on events.

02.11.22 Noortje Marres – Trials of Implicitness: Technology Testing beyond the Laboratory or the Coming Crisis of Experimental Accountability
16.11.22 Andoni Ibarra – Engaging Publics in Open Anticipatory Governance of Technology
30.11.22 René von Schomberg – The Prospect of Institutionalising the Values ‘Openness’ and ‘Responsiveness’ in the Scientific Community
14.12.22 Fernando Pasquini Santos – Towards an Ergonomics of Data Science Practices
21.12.22 Svitlana Shcherbak – ‘Modernisation’ in Ideological Discourses of Post-Soviet State: The Case of Russia and Ukraine
25.01.23 Rolan Wittje – Moving Technical and Scientific Knowledge, People and Objects after 1945

08.02.23 Torsten H. Voigt – Voodoo Science and the Missing Controversy: Neuroscience as an Integration Project

You can find the poster for the lecture series here.