Veranstaltung: CELLS Winter Speaker Series “Technoscience Beyond the Nation-State”, October-December 2022, Online

Dear colleagues,

You are invited to join us for the CELLS Winter Speaker Series: Technoscience Beyond the Nation-State. All events are online; register (and read more) at links below.
“Manifesting Intrinsic and Metaphysical Philippine Knowing-Being into Decolonial Dialogues”
Dr. Karin Louise Hermes – Oct. 20, 4pm Hannover, 10am US Eastern
“Meet Us By the Roaring Sea” A Conversation with Novelist Akil Kumarasamy, MFA
Nov. 10, 5:30pm Hannover, 11:30 AM US Eastern
“Undocumented Motherhood: Conversations on Love, Trauma, and Border Crossing”
Dr. Elizabeth Farfán-Santos – Nov. 17, 5:30pm Hannover, 10:30am US Central
“Indigenous DNA and Data Extraction Beyond the Settler-Colonial State”
Dr. Krystal Tsosie – Dec. 5, 5:00pm Hannover, 9:00am US Mountain
“Plants Against Passports” 
Dr. Sumana Roy – Dec. 15, 11am Hannover, 3:30pm India Standard