Call for Cases: Knowledge Exchange :// Digitalisation (KE:D) hub at the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG)

Do you know of fascinating and interesting digitalisation projects? Then help us build a place to learn! The Knowledge Exchange :// Digitalisation (KE:D) hub will open soon and looks for its first cases. Become a part of the place to go for exploring digitalisation projects. Cases will be selected by 31 October. Selected cases will be rewarded with 500€.


For the Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Global Digital Transformation (SET)project, the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG) is looking for case descriptions of digitalisation projects in order to build a collection of publicly accessible cases that will help facilitate the exchange of knowledge on planning, strategy, implementation and contextuality of digitalisation projects. By telling these stories, we will enable others to learn from the authors’ experiences, create international synergies and hopefully avoid future mistakes. The central point of the KE:D is finding out about contextual information and governance impacts on these cases. This information is key to understanding the details of the cases. Case submissions from the Global South are explicitly encouraged.

The Knowledge Exchange :// Digitalisation focuses on the processual level of these projects: how scanning the field before starting the project went, how you approached it, how you implemented it and what happened after. We believe that each of these processes is of interest to others, and therefore we hereby call for your case. If you would like to share your digitalisation case – big or small – please visit our website and pitch your story in less than 500 words. We encourage you to outline key takeaways and issues, learnings and reflections about your case. Our team of editors will get back to you after 31 October.


The Knowledge Exchange: Digitalisation will be an online collection of digitalisation projects, spanning all sizes, sectors and approaches, focussing on the thought processes and courses of action underlying them. It is not only about the solutions per se, but also about the context in which they are embedded: organisational structures, local conditions, legal frameworks and the cultural environment.

The KE:D provides an opportunity to make projects and their impact visible to a broader audience in the field of research, journalism and civil society. The Exchange aims at informing digitalisation experts, project managers and policy makers about cases that might inspire their own projects and provide them with insights about local contexts, regulatory specifications and evaluations of past projects.


We are looking forward to listening to your story and to learning about your project. For any questions or inquiries about the KE:D, please contact Moritz Timm (

More information can be found here.