Call for Papers: Renewable Energy Systems and New Regimes of Ownership (an Open Access Journal by MDPI)

Energy systems are in transition all around the world. Modern societies are systematically exploiting renewable energy sources on an ever faster growing scale. We welcome contributions from all disciplines, including science and technology studies, sociology, political science, law, and spatial planning. Contributions may address questions such as:

  • How does the understanding of ownership change in the context of renewable energy transitions?
  • Are dominant ownership regimes contested in the context of energy transitions?
  • Are there novel conflicts?
  • To what extent do the qualities of renewables call for novel property rights frameworks?
  • How do different social actors frame and relate to property rights of renewables?
  •  How does scientific non-knowledge impact changes in ownership regimes?
  • Which new constellations between nature, technology, and society emerge with the increasing valorization of renewables?
  • How are these constellations impacted by the ascription of property rights on renewables?
  • Are there any differences in “doing” ownership between renewable and fossil energy systems?

More information can be found here. Deadline for manuscript submissions is the 30 September 2022.