Öffentliche Keynote: Andrew Berry, “What is an interdisciplinary question?” (10.5.2019, Bochum)

Im Rahmen eines Workshops des Forschungskollegs SecHuman findet am 10.05.2019 an der Ruhr- Universität Bochum (ID, Raum 04/653) eine öffentliche Keynote statt von Andrew Barry (UCL) zum Thema: What is an Interdisciplinary Problem?

“The study of data and security generates interdisciplinary problems, which are never quite amenable to merely technical solutions. This lecture considers the way in which the work of anthropologists and artists, as well as legal scholars, political theorists and economists, can and should contribute to the analysis of data and society. The lecture dwells, in particular, on the relation between pressing demands for security, and expectations and performances of transparency and openness.”

Nach dem Keynote wird es ein leichtes Lunch-Buffet geben.