Stellenangebot: PhD and post-doc positions in the “Programming Languages” Group of the University of Mainz

We have multiple open positions for PhD students and post-docs in the PL Group of the University of Mainz in Germany. The available positions include a gross monthly salary of ~4000 Euro. Our team meets and socializes in Mainz; remote work is an option.

The PL Group at the University of Mainz was founded in 2019. Our goal is to support developers in creating and maintaining software systems that are easier to write, more secure, run faster, and consume less energy. Our current research topics include:

— Incremental computing: How can a computation react to a change of its input efficiently? We have observed up to 10,000x speedups in prior work, can incrementality help us save as much energy? Can we build a new foundation for incremental computing to support a wider range of computations?
— WebAssembly: How can we discover and prevent security vulnerabilities in WebAssembly? We have built a data-flow analysis platform for WebAssembly to identify properties of WebAssembly programs at compile time. Can this platform be used to protect WebAssembly users while also optimizing the code for
— Datalog: How can the power of Datalog best be exploited in modern software development? How can we abstract over and hide the technicalities of Datalog, for example, by compiling DSLs to Datalog. And how can we optimize Datalog code to provide truly declarative performance, without exposing users to details of the underlying database technology?
— Language engineering: How can we build programming-language tools with modest effort and without duplicating the language’s semantics? For example, can we derive type checkers, debuggers, and other editor services from the language’s semantics? And does this require a language workbench or can we support rich services for embedded languages as well?

Mainz is part of the Frankfurt Metropolitan Area and only a short train ride away from Frankfurt’s international community and culture. Mainz itself lies at the confluence of the Rhine and Main rivers, surrounded by plenty of nature.

I’m excited to hear from interested candidates via email. If you know potential  candidates, please forward this message to them.

Sebastian Erdweg


More information can be found here.