Call for Abstracts: Special Topic Panel “How useful are the classics for the social studies of science and technology today?” at STS-hub 2023 “Circulations” March 15th – 17th, Human Technology Center in Aachen.

PANEL: How useful are the classics for the social studies of science and technology today?

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Science and technology have changed dramatically over the past decades. In this panel, we ask in how far this empirical change affects our understanding of and reference to the “classics” in the social studies of science and technology. Are they still a bedrock for the various strands of STS, the anthropology, history, philosophy, political science, and sociology of science and technology? Or have they lost traction with the current debates and research interests? Generally: what is the status of classic studies in the respective fields of research? In what ways is revision needed?

Contributions to the panel may address classic studies in the contexts of research or teaching. We are especially interested in current empirical research in science and technology that links with classic studies and offers insights into the continuities and tensions between the two. We want to explore what counts as a classic study and how they are being used. Which studies have aged well and which ones have not?

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Deadline for proposals is: 09. Nov. 2022

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