Call for Papers: Issue 01/2023 of Digital Culture and Society: “Taming digital practices – On the domestication of data-driven technologies”

Please find attached a call for papers for a special issue of Digital Culture and Society (edited by David Waldecker, Niklas Strüver, Tanja Ertl and Tim Hector) on “Taming digital practices” with an integrated author’s workshop, organised by the CRC Media of Cooperation, located at University of Siegen. The authors’ workshop will take place online via Zoom on February 7–8, 2022 and will primarily serve as a forum to discuss submitted papers.

Abstract Deadline: November 15, 2021

Contributions should shed light on how everyday (digital) practices are integrated within users’ individual lifeworlds. Against this background paper proposals may relate to, but are not limited to, the following questions:

  • How are concepts like the home shaped by media and data practices?
  • How are media and their data appropriated and/or contested in domestic spaces?
  • How are voice-controlled devices integrated into everyday practices? How are they used to connect to other infrastructures? How do users deal with the data practices that their usage entails?
  • How are media practices shaped and domesticated in contexts of migration?
  • How are media and their data appropriated and/or contested in homes ‘on the move’?
  • How do media and data practices bring forth new forms of (virtual) domestic spaces that may transcend geographical borders and/or cut across socio-culturally diverse or stratified communities, and how do those communities in turn shape the practices and even infrastructures?
  • How can opportunities be created to facilitate marginalized or vulnerable target groups’ access to and use or appropriation of ICTs?

You can find more information here.