Veranstaltung: Workshop „Doing biodiversity. Experimentelle Wissenstransformationen für nachhaltige Zukünfte” am 23. & 24.6.2021

Inter- und transdisziplinärer Workshop zum Thema „Doing biodiversity. Experimentelle Wissenstransformationen für nachhaltige Zukünfte” mit der DFG-Kolleg-Forschungsgruppe Zukünfte der Nachhaltigkeit, Universität Hamburg am 23. & 24.6.2021

From Wednesday, 23, to Thursday 24 June 2021 we invite you to find out which differences and commonalities might challenge or fuel collaborative approaches on biodiversity as a “boundary object” linking nature and society. On Wednesday evening, we welcome cross-disciplinary inputs provided by Claire Waterton, sociologist from Lancaster University, UK, and leading specialist on sociological biodiversity research, and Helmut Hillebrand, plankton ecologist and director of the Helmholtz Institute for Functional Marine Biodiversity at Oldenburg University, Germany. On Thursday, we assemble naturalists, sociologists, citizen scientists, and critical activists through three “learning cabinets” composed by small groups. Within the Learning cabinets, we discuss questions as following: How do marine biologists experience the political task to mitigate the problem of biodiversity loss? How do activists approach experts to support their goals? How do social scientists cooperate with citizens? How do species, artifacts, techniques, infrastructures intervene? And, what could we learn from our differences and heterogeneities for experimental democracy? In short, how could sustainable futures be created in light of the ecological and socioeconomic challenges of the current global crisis? To address these questions and challenges, the workshop offers a practice-based opportunity. Three specialists, helping to enhance your exchange and cooperation, will host each Learning cabinet: Moritz Holtappels, biogeochemist at the Alfred Wegener Institute Bremerhaven, Vanessa van den Bogaert, education scientist at Ruhr-University Bochum, and Stefan C. Aykut, environmental sociologist at Hamburg University. The goal of the workshop is to get the participants more acquainted with the pleasures, difficulties and excitements of inter- and transdisciplinary encounters, and, in the long run, to create appropriate learning communities to overcome the academic division of labor between nature and society.

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