Stellenangebot: 4 PhD positions at the Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung in Leipzig

The Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) invites applications for 4 PhD positions starting in March/April 2021. The candidates will participate in a 3-years training program within the Graduate School “Thirsty Cities: Pathways for Water-Resilient Urban Transformation and Agricultural Adaptation”. 

The deadline for applications is 15.01.2021.

The call and submission for the positions can be found in the following links:

PhD 1: Digital humanities and environmental risks: Current impacts and future scenarios for water-resilient urban transformation

PhD 2: Techniques of futuring: Novel forms policy experimentation – bringing water stress projections down to earth

PhD 3: Legal dimensions of water conflicts

PhD 4: Economic multi-agent modeling: Economic assessment of water vulnerability and urban water resilience

The UFZ is a member of the largest scientific organization in Germany, the Helmholtz Community and carries out top level interdisciplinary research with an excellent international reputation. The positions will be held in Leipzig, which is considered one of Germany’s most attractive cities to live giving its tolerant, multicultural and cosmopolitan characteristics.

Please do not hesitate to express your interest or ask any questions by email to Mariana M. de Brito (