Call for Contributions: 11th International New Materialisms Conference at the University of Kassel

11th International New Materialisms Conference
New Materialist Informatics
23-25 March 2021
University of Kassel, GER

New Materialist Informatics: Computing and Worldmaking

In recent decades, new materialist thought has emerged as a transversal field of inquiry that successfully brings together and constructs hybrid spaces between the social sciences & the humanities and the natural & technical sciences & engineering. Within those spaces, engagement with the concerns around “the digital” has figured prominently. Increasing computing power and technological advancements that power the 4th industrial revolution as well as contribute to the 6th extinction highlight further need to account for the material basis as well as material consequences of informatics and to ask how techno-politics and techno-epistemologies can be reconfigured for these complex times. In this context, it is also particularly salient to further build hybrid research spaces spanning information sciences and the (post)humanities. “Materialist informatics” (Haraway, Hayles, Colman) thus can be seen as precisely such a field that highlights the inter- and intra-connectedness of computing and worldmaking, and the material stakes of such intra-connectedness.

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