Veranstaltung: Monthly Virtual Series of STS-MIGTECH CIRCLE

Everyone with an interest in research and activities at the intersection of STS / critical migration and border studies is invited take a look at the work and event series of the still recent network STS-MIGTECH.

Take a look at STS-MIGTECH events for more information about the monthly virtual series of STS-MIGTECH CIRCLE starting  May 27 (registration required, maximum participation of 15 persons).

“STS-MIGTECH circle” is a small format which takes place once a month and which serves to reflect jointly on work-in-progress contributions related to the themes of interest to STS MIGTECH. The idea is to create a safe space for probing and experimenting with ideas, arguments, attempts of analysis, sense-making of empirical material. It’s the right space for you if, you already invested substantial energy and dedication into that work, but you still feel the piece to be raw and fragile.