Early Call for Applications: 6 PhD/5 Postdoc positions (100%), Science of Intelligence Berlin

Das Exzellenzcluster “Science of Intelligence” in Berlin schreibt in Kürze sechs weitere PhD bzw. fünf Postdoc-Stellen aus. Diese Stellen sind ab Sommer bzw. Herbst für drei Jahre im Umfang von 100 % zu besetzen. Weitere Informationen zum Ausschreibungs- und Auswahlprozess folgen in naher Zukunft. Ansprechpartnerin ist Zarifa Mohamad (zarifa.mohamad@scioi.org).

Aus dem Call:

What are the principles of intelligence, shared by all forms of intelligence, no matter whether artificial or biological, whether robot, computer program, human, or animal? And how can we apply these principles to create intelligent technology? Answering these questions – in an ethically responsible way – is the central scientific objective of the new Cluster of Excellence Science of Intelligence.

Researchers from a multitude of analytic and synthetic disciplines – artificial intelligence, machine learning, control, robotics, computer vision, behavioral biology, cognitive science, psychology, educational science, neuroscience, and philosophy – join forces to create a multi-disciplinary research program across universities and research institutes in Berlin.

Our approach is driven by the insight, that any method, concept, and theory must demonstrate its merits by contributing to the intelligent behavior of a synthetic artifact, such as a robot or a computer program. These artifacts represent the shared “language” across disciplines, enabling the validation, combination, transfer, and extension of research results. Thus we expect to attain cohesion among disciplines, which currently produce their own theories and empirical findings about aspects of intelligence.

Interdisciplinary research projects have been defined which combine analytic and synthetic research and which address key aspects of individual, social, and collective intelligence.

In addition, the Science of Intelligence graduate program promotes the cross-disciplinary education of young scientists on a Master, PhD, and postdoctoral level. All PhD students associated with the cluster are expected to join the Science of Intelligence doctoral program.

Stay tuned for more information on application deadline and procedure!