Stellenausschreibung: Wissenschaftliche/-r Mitarbeiter/-in “Science in Post-colonial Speculative Fiction: Nature/Politics/Economies Reimagined” (Uni Bremen)

At the University of Bremen the SOCIUM Research Center on Inequality and Social Policy invites applications for the academic position of a PhD researcher (TV-L, E13, 65%, Reference number: A224/18). starting December 1st, 2018 temporary until November, 30th , 2021.
The position belongs to the interdisciplinary and inter-university research cooperation “Fiction meets science II: Varieties of science narrative” funded by the VolkswagenStiftung and is part of the sub-project: “Science in Post-colonial Speculative Fiction: Nature/Politics/Economies Reimagined” (Principal Investigator : Prof. Dr. Sina Farzin, Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Uwe Schimank). This project is part of the interdisciplinary, collaborative research and fellowship program Fiction Meets Science (FMS; see, which is funded by the Volkswagen Foundation as part of its “Key Issues for Academia and Society” program. The subproject examines the contemporary rise of utopian/dystopian postcolonial speculative fiction —predominantly novels —and asks how a focus on the Global South influences imaginings of future societies and the role of science at the nexus of nature, politics, and economics.

The application deadline is October 19th, 2018. For more information see the complete job offer.