Stellenangebot: PhD position in research project “A Global History of Technology, 1850–2000” (Darmstadt University of Technology)

Darmstadt University of Technology (TU Darmstadt) announces five three-year positions for doctoral students (with the option of a two-year extension), beginning October 1, 2017 in the research project “A Global History of Technology, 1850–2000” (GLOBAL-HOT).

Applications are open to students with an excellent master’s degree. To guarantee geographical and cultural coverage, the project leader only considers candidates who have thorough research experience in one of these geographical areas: East/Southeast Asia, Central Asia, the Arab world (including the Middle East and North Africa), East/Southern Africa, West Africa, or Latin America. In addition to documented knowledge of English (written and spoken), command of a local and, when applicable, a former colonial language is required. English is the common project language.

The application deadline is June 6, 2017.

For further information, check the full job posting (PDF) for the position.