Veranstaltung: In the Clouds? Situating the Digital – Institutskolloquium IfEE Berlin SoSe 2024, dienstags 14:30-16:00, Berlin/Online

In the Clouds? Situating the Digital

“Buy it, use it, break it, fix it, trash it, change it, mail, upgrade it. Charge it, point it, zoom it, press it, snap it, work it, quick erase it.” (Daft Punk)

Rather than floating in the clouds, digital technologies are imagined, produced, and materialized in concrete settings. What are the practices and localities, actors, infrastructures, and histories that lie behind notions such as digital progress and disruption?”In the Clouds?” assembles multiple perspectives that situate “the digital” in genealogies of statistics and cybernetics, in the material infrastructures that enable large-scale computation, in public administration, migration management, or in activist struggles.

The lecture series is the 2024 summer semester colloquium of the Institute for European Ethnology (IfEE) at Humboldt University Berlin. It is organized by and inaugurates the Research Lab for “Culture, Society & the Digital” at the institute. Lectures are held (almost) every Tuesday from 14:30 to 16:00 throughout the semester and can be attended in person or digitally via Zoom. Presentations are in English or German. Everyone welcome.Institut für Europäische Ethnologie, Anton-Wilhelm-Amo-Str. 40/41 (previously Möhrenstr.), Room 408
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16.4. Der Aufstieg des Netzwerk-Denkens: Von der Kybernetik zum technologischen Regieren
Vincent August (Berlin)
30.4. Life as Surplus in Digital Welfare Service SystemsBrit
Ross Winthereik (Copenhagen)
7.5. Künstliche Ethnologie und Europäische Intelligenz: Materialitäten und Epistemologien von ChatGPT

Lab for Culture, Society & the Digital

14.5. Election Situation Rooms: Adventures in Observing the Digital Influence Industry
Stephanie Hankey & Marek Tuszynski (Tactical Tech)

21.5. Financializing Intelligence: On the Integration of Machines and Markets
Orit Halpern (Dresden)
28.5. Probably right: the Bayesian Revolution, Artificial Intelligence and the Politics of Truth
Justin Joque (Chicago)
4.6. Calculating Communities: Predictions and Algorithms in the Logisticality of Migrant Settlement

Karin Krifors (Linköping)

11.6. Schon länger unter uns: Methodische Überlegungen zur Erforschung digitaler Infrastrukturen
Monika Dommann (Zürich) & Max Stadler (Berlin)

8.6. Infrastructure of a Migratory Bird
Felix Stalder (Zürich)

25.6. Bugreporting on anticipatory Infra-solutionism: Collective Practices of Struggle and Resistance
Helen Pritchard (Basel)
2.7. Kultur, Gesellschaft, Digitalität: Anthropologische Perspektiven. Gesprächsrunde und Inauguration
Lab for Culture, Society & the Digital
9.7. Wie das Internet Produziert wird: Arbeit, Infrastruktur, Politische Ökonomie
Präsentation Studienprojekt
12.7 (Friday) Big Tech & the City: Space, Labor, and (Sub)urban Struggles
Workshop, 14-17h with Katja Schwaller (Stanford). Pre-registration online.
16.7. Urban Sensoria after Socialism
Präsentation Studienprojekt