Call for Papers: “Perspectives on hybrid human-AI systems. Bringing together interdisciplinary approaches”, 10.04.-12.04.2024, LMU Munich, Deadline: 15.07.2023

Interdisciplinary workshop at LMU Munich, funded by the German Research Foundation, April 10–12, 2024.
Perspectives on hybrid human-AI systems. Bringing together interdisciplinary approaches

The research fields of “Human Computation” and “Hybrid Intelligence” investigate how the capabilities of humans and computers can be combined in novel ways, thereby overcoming the limitations of today’s strictly computational “Artificial Intelligence” systems, and yielding the ability to address problems that neither can solve on their own.

Such hybrid human-AI systems are of interest to various scientific disciplines, including, but not limited to, computer science, philosophy, media studies, design, and cultural anthropology, since they have not only the capability to enable new computational and engineering capabilities while posing interesting new problems on their own, but just as much to impact societies on structural levels and our everyday life on microlevels. They elicit questions on the human-AI relations in such hybrid systems that are ethical, judicial, social, cultural, logical, algorithmic, practical, and material in nature.

This workshop brings together scholars, experts, and interested parties with an interest in hybrid human-AI systems to learn how different disciplines understand and approach these systems. The aim is to discuss how each discipline can contribute to an interdisciplinary understanding of the collaboration of humans and machines in such hybrid systems. With this workshop, we want to spark new conversations between different disciplines, addressing, among others, the following questions:

  • How does human computation and hybrid intelligence relate to pursuits of and discourses on “Artificial General Intelligence” / “strong AI”?
  • How can we grasp human-technology and societal relations unfolding within these systems?
  • How is trust established and (re)negotiated in such systems?
  • What forms of ethics arise in and with hybrid human-AI systems?
  • What are the unique perspectives of the different disciplines, and how can these inform one another?
  • How can we arrive at understandings that consider the disciplines’ different approaches and modes of reasoning?
  • How can we work together on these topics?

The workshop is organized as part of the research project “Playing in the loop: New Human-Software Relations in Human Computation Systems and their Impacts on the Spheres of Everyday Life” funded by the German Research Foundation. It takes place from April 10–12, 2024 in Munich, Germany.

The workshop will comprise talks from invited speakers and will also feature time slots for lightning talks in which we invite participants to share their research projects, ongoing work, or emerging ideas in brief presentations (time limit around 10 minutes, tbd). We welcome submissions from researchers of all career stages and different fields. If you are interested in giving a lightning talk, please submit title and abstract of your proposal by email ( before July 15, 2023.