Call for Abstracts: Productive Processes – Sustainable Transitions for Urban Industrial Lands, pNd – rethinking planning

pNd – rethinking planning is a platform hosted by the Chair of Planning Theory and Urban Development (Faculty of Architecture, RWTH Aachen University) with the aim of strengthening knowledge sharing and dialogue between disciplines as well as between science and practice.

Contributions for pNd 1/2023 Edition

This special issue on how (planning) processes facilitate the sustainable transition of urban and industrial lands intends to establish a baseline of current experiences, common hurdles and necessary visions or values. These might clarify how (agents of) planning may contribute to transformational governance of urban industrial lands or make more coherent the many and scalar perspectives in space and over time. These might encourage or rethink the planning toolbox and its many instruments. Such a rethinking could encourage new or appropriate concepts and debates to guide communities towards the sustainable transition of cities’ industrial lands. We seek contributions to this special issue that may include, but are not limited to one or more of the following themes:

  • Governance structures, arrangements, and policies for the cooperation and/or management in the sustainable transition of urban industrial lands
  • Temporal and time-sensitive dynamics and patterns and characteristics reflected in sustainable transition of urban industrial lands
  • Roles and responsibilities involved in the coordination (in progress) for the systemic linkages, targets, and tools for the sustainable transition of urban industrial lands
  • Co-production of new impacts including products, services, infrastructure, and policies as well as their feedback and feedforward effects, which might bring synergies to functions, places, and spaces through sustainable transition of urban industrial lands
  • Spatial production of new values and meanings that (re)orient or (re)invent through the sustainable transition of urban industrial lands

Authors and Submissions

This thematic issue is intended to reflect a diversity of authors from different disciplines and backgrounds, within both academia and practice. All contributions are encouraged to include empirical observations and analyses including but not limited to single or (systematic and) comparative case studies. These might analyse processes or experiences on-site and/or from research. We welcome international perspectives beyond the German or European context. Finally, authors are also encouraged to submit a contribution based on, or updating previously written or published articles for this topic.

Submission Guidelines

Interested authors are invited to please submit an abstract with 1500 to 2000 characters (including spaces) by 15th July 2022 to

Following steps:

  • Accepted submissions will be notified by 15th August 2022.
  • Finished articles are to be submitted by 15th November 2022.
  • Initial reviews will be provided to authors by 15th December 2022.
  • The editorial revisions, layout, and proofreading will take place during early 2023.
  • Publication is planned for spring 2023.

You can find the full version here: 20220517+pnd+1-2023_Call_PP1