Call for Participation: “Nuclear Ambiguities” – guest lecture by Dr. Fabian Lüscher (28.04.2022, Online)

Our next guest lecture will be held on Thursday, April 28, 2022 (18:00 CEST), by Dr. Fabian Lüscher:

Nuclear Ambiguities: Insights from the History of Science and an NGO Perspective

Using nuclear energy has always been ambiguous. This technology was one of the defining aspects of the Cold War and remains crucial to political decision making until today – from science to warfare, from energy politics to geopolitics. In his talk, Dr. Lüscher will reflect on nuclear internationalism in the Soviet Union and make the case for an integrated nuclear history. In particular, he will shed light on the role of experts, who displayed at least a dual loyalty: towards the science-enabling state and towards an international scientific community that appealed to universal values. In the second part of his presentation, he will provide an NGO perspective on these nuclear ambiguities, focusing on recent nuclear policy developments and debates. What are the lessons nuclear history teaches us for the future of atomic energy use?

Fabian Lüscher was a member of the research project “Nuclear Technopolitics in the Soviet Union” (DFG/SNF 2017-2020) and is now head of the nuclear energy department at the Swiss Energy Foundation (SES) in Zürich.

More information can be found here.