Veranstaltung: Online Seminar Series on Socio-Technical Integration Research (STIR) 2022

Online Seminar Series on Socio-Technical Integration Research (STIR) 2022
Every last Friday of the month, 9:30–11:00am AZ and 5:30-7:00pm CET

STIR is a collaborative research method that studies how technical experts take into account the societal dimensions of their work as an integral part of that work. The method is rooted in discourses on engaged, participatory research in Science & Technology Studies and Responsible Innovation. While it has been applied in over 70 studies worldwide, a community of practice of STIR researchers has emerged.

The STIR seminar series provides opportunities to learn, connect, and grow the STIR community worldwide. Experienced STIR researchers present and discuss STIR studies to provide an historical look at how the method has developed and been deployed. Everyone interested in STIR, including scholars, scientists, professionals, and policy makers, are invited to join the seminars.

The first seminar will be on January 28, 2020, 9:30–11:00am AZ and 5:30-7:00pm CET. Dr. Steven Flipse from Technical University Delft in the Netherlands will present his work on “Midstream Modulation in Biotechnology: Redefining the Researcher’s Role.” Ensuing seminars will take place every last Friday of the month. For more information about future seminars and to register for the events, click here.

The seminar series is jointly organized by Erik Fisher, Cynthia Pickering, Lyric Peate (Arizona State University, US), and Mareike Smolka (Maastricht University, NL). Co-organizers are Michiel van Oudheusden (KU Leuven, BE), Miklós Lucovics (University of Szeged, HU), Alan Tkaczyk (University of Tartu, EE), Mone Spindler (University Tübingen, DE), Alexandra Hausstein (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, DE), Antonia Bierwirth (Tecnalia Centre of Applied Research and Technology Development, ES), Steven Flipse (TU Delft, NL), and Peter Stegmaier (University of Twente, NL).

The initiative is supported by the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST). It received the EASST Award 2021-22.