Veranstaltung: STS communities in Germany discussing a meeting/gathering of STS scholars across the communities in Germany

In Germany several organisations are starting a conversation and process towards organising some form of STSy conference (for 2021) that tries to be inclusive of scholars from various (inter)disciplines.

The format of such a gathering is still to be negotiated. The idea for such a gathering emerged in a 2019 network meeting hosted by GWTF and was pushed to this next step at the follow-up 2020 meeting meeting, hosted again by GWTF.

We, some actors volunteering for that process within the network ‘stsing’, are already in touch with some organisations (sociology, political science) – but like to use this mailing list to reach out – who/which organisations should we consider to include in discussing/planning such a gathering; which collectives/associations might be willing to sponsor it? Please contact us offlist via twitter @stsing_org or email

Written by:
Paula Helm, Stefan Laser, Ingmar Lippert, Lisa Wiedemann