News from the RUSTlab in Bochum

Dear colleagues,

as announced a few weeks ago, the RUSTlab in Bochum offers its rooms to provide a Hub for the upcoming virtual EASST/4S-conference. We have now made a preliminary selection for a focused programme. For more info, check our website:

We will use two rooms as spaces to gather for listening to streams, and there will be another room for leisure and individual chill-out. We have the necessary technical equipment to participate in meetings, also as speakers, which we for example use for our own panel contributions. Among other things, professional microphones will be used. In order to meet the hygiene measures, we use a strict division of labour, fixed places and clearly assigned “equipment” (also for coffee and snacks!). We do not want to overload the hub and also take enough time for breaks, keeping our capacities and health in mind.

Drop a line if you want to join us! Send a message to Preferably with an approximate indication of how many people want to attend from when to when.

Best wishes,