Call for Abstracts: Towards a new European Communication Framework? Für das The Young Researcher Event im März 2020

Leibniz Institute for Media Research | Hans Bredow Institute (HBI), in Kooperation mit dem EU Hub of the Network of Centers (NoC) veröffentlichten einen Call for Abstracts für das The Young Researcher Event, welches am 30-31. März 2020 in Hamburg stattfindet.


Aus dem Call:

All disciplines dealing with media change, regulation and governance are invited to apply for participating in the Workshop, including legal sciences, communication and media sciences, social and political sciences as well as economics and computer sciences. Our aim is to create a diverse and interdisciplinary working group.



The HBI is conducting a project supported by the BKM to provide academic input for the audiovisual policy track of the German EU Presidency. Our Young Researcher Event is part of that project and aims at providing a presentation and discussion forum for young researchers in advance of the EU Media Conference. Along those lines, the ultimate goal is to develop academic statements and demands, which will be presented in a designated slot at the EU Media Conference. The aim of the workshop therefore is to give young researchers a voice when it comes to build the European information order of the future.

The Young Researcher Event will therefore not only give young researchers the opportunity to discuss research with relevance to European communication policy. It also will provide knowledge and skills necessary to make the participants’ own research accessible for policy makers and space to further develop young researchers’ input for the EU Media Conference.


Possible Topics for the abstract

  • Governance of media platforms
  • Relevance of communication-related algorithms and automated selection
  • Regulatory approaches to ensure media diversity and pluralism
  • Personalisation of media content, societal cohesion and democracy
  • Communication-relevant overspills from other regulatory areas (e.g. data protection, consumer protection)


Deadline & Requirements for Submission of Abstracts

  • Deadline: 9 February 2020 (peer-review due until 28 February)
  • Short abstract (max. 500 words) incl. research question, method, link to the topic of European media policy (not necessarily linked to the topic of the doctoral thesis)
  • For invited participants: a short discussion paper, up to 2000 words (not necessarily linked to the topic of the doctoral thesis)

Weitere Informationen, neben dem Call auch zu der Veranstaltung im März 2020 finden sich auf der Website des Leibnitz-Insituts für Medienforschung.