Call for Papers: Open Panel “Recruitment and Evaluation Practices in Academia”, 4S/EASST, 18.-21.08.2020, Prag

Die Organisator*innen des Open Panels “Recruitment and Evaluation Practices in Academia”, Marie Sautier (University of Lausanne/Sciences Po Paris) und Julian Hamann (Leibniz Center for Science and Society) laden zu Beitragsvorschlägen ein.

This panel aims to bring together scholars whose work studies the transformations of academic recruitment practices, against a backdrop of globalisation dynamics and national traditions. Major contemporary shifts, such as the casualization of academic work (Courtois and O’Keefe 2019), the changing governance of universities (Whitley and Gläser 2007), and the internationalisation of research (Geuna 2015) have reshaped the ways academic communities and actors produce research, and flow across national academic systems. While such questions have been addressed in STS perspective (Laudel 2006; Gläser and Laudel 2016), little is known about how academic recruitment and evaluation are affected by such shifts and increasingly transformed across time and space in such contexts (Hamann 2019; Musselin 2005). We deem scholarship on academic recruitment to be of particular importance because of the relevance hiring has for academic recognition and visibility as well as for the allocation of resources and power.

Building on the 2019 4S panel on the transformation of academic trajectories, we offer to extend the discussion by focusing more specifically on evaluative practices of recruitment across a variety of national, disciplinary, and institutional contexts. We welcome original contributions addressing the following questions:

•    How are evaluative practices of recruitment and promotion configured and transformed across national, institutional and disciplinary environments?
•    How do these practices circulate across spaces at a time of growing individual mobility, increased international collaboration but also increased competition for resources and reputation?
•    What are the implications of recruitment policies and evaluation practices in shaping disciplinary labour markets, both nationally and internationally?
•    How may individuals applying for a position abroad navigate across national characteristics and international convergences in academic recruitment?

We invite contributions that address these questions either in specific countries and historical contexts or in a comparative perspective. In addition, we welcome papers that theoretically or empirically question the implications of global changes and convergences in shaping the production of research and the building of academia as a more diverse and inclusive landscape.

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