In eigener Sache: dests is looking for editors (starting August 2019)

Love being up to date what happens in German STS? DESTS invites applications for the editorship of its dests newsletter. This role specifically fits junior researchers in the STS field, who are interested in learning about the span of the field and who are keen to have a formal reason to scrutinise other email lists and social media regarding STS jobs and events in Germany. We offer symbolic capital and a friendly board of senior STS academics who are happy to lend support. No numeration, no CV or other application material required, but the ideal applicant would commit to 1-2h/week from August 2019 till end of August 2020 to edit the weekly newsletter. It is also possible to share the position between 2-3 people taking weekly or monthly turns at editing. Proficiency in reading and writing German is required since a lot of the information for blogposts that reach us are in German. Please contact us via for questions and expression of interest.