CfP: Special Issue on Practices of Qualitative Research

Contributions are invited for a Special Issue on practices of qualitative research.

The notion of methods in qualitative research comes in different degrees of standardization. While some approaches promote a rather rigid and prescriptive view of method as the correct application of rules for the systematic interpretation of data, others develop or refine methods through situated practices in specific research settings. Across this spectrum, we are interested in all practices that refer to procedures or quality criteria of qualitative research for methodological justification. These practices can be found in all stages of research and in a broad variety of social settings, such as fieldwork, data sessions , seminars,  conferences, as well as non-academic environments. All of these practices involve the bodies of researchers and research participants, many of them rely on technological equipment such as recording devices, coding software, screens for video analysis, etc. Moreover, the collection and interpretation of empirical material is always situated in specific spatial and architectural settings…

The deadline for abstracts of up to 500 words is 25/10/2018. More information can be found in the full CfP_”Practices of Qualitative Research”.