Veranstaltung: WTMC Summer School “Infrastructures” (Deursen-Dennenburg, NL)

The WTMC Summer School “Infrastructures” with anchor teacher Elizabeth Shove takes places 27 – 31 August 2018 at the Meeting and Conference Center Soeterbeeck, Deursen-Dennenburg (NL). Guest lecturers will be Anique Hommels (Maastricht University), Ruth Oldenziel (TU Eindhoven), Rob Hoppe (University of Twente), and Hilmar Schaefer (Europa-Universität Viadrina, Frankfurt am Oder).

The WTMC Summer School is aimed at PhD candidates who are in the first phase of preparing their doctoral dissertations. […]. This year, the Summer School will focus on the broad theme of the relation between infrastructures and practices. The Summer School does not focus on these in a narrow sense, and will be relevant and interesting for those working on other topics. We are delighted that Elizabeth Shove will act as this year’s anchor teacher. Shove is professor of sociology and director of the DEMAND Centre at Lancaster University. Her recent research has dealt with how social practices change, and what the implications of these dynamics are for everyday life, energy demand and climate change. Her previous work has explored aspects of consumption, design and material culture, and changing conventions of comfort, cleanliness, and convenience. Key to Shove’s work is an ongoing and critical engagement with and the development of practice theory. This Summer School builds on her recent (2016), co-edited book The Nexus of Practice. Connections, constellations, practitioners. We will analyse, conceptualise and investigate the multiple and critical roles of infrastructures in carrying on and enacting practices – interpreting both practices and infrastructures in the broadest sense. As Shove’s research engages with a variety of more and less ‘academic’ forms and fields, this Summer School will reflect that approach. 

Preparation for the Summer School is estimated at 80 hours in total. The Summer School is credited with 5 ECTS. The Summer School is residential as the programme continues into the evening (not on Friday). Full participation in all parts of the programme is required. PhD candidates who are enrolled in the WTMC educational programme are only charged €10 per day for meals. For external PhD candidates, a participation fee of €1130 (€1060 for members of EASST) is charged. Accommodation and meals are provided and included in the fee. The registration form for this Summer School is available here. The deadline is 31 May 2018.

If you have any practical questions related to the Summer School, please contact Elize Schiweck: For content-related questions, contact the coordinators Govert Valkenburg: or Bernike Pasveer: