Stellenangebot: Researcher for project “CF+: Reconfiguring Computing through Cyberfeminism and New Materialism” (University of Kassel)

In the Faculty of Electrical Engineering/Computing, Research Center for Information System Design (ITeG), Work Group “Gender/Diversity in Informatics Systems” (GeDIS, Prof. Dr. Claude Draude), of the University of Kassel, the position of a researcher for the project “CF+: Reconfiguring Computing through Cyberfeminism and New Materialism” is to be filled as soon as possible. It is a part-time position (50 %, 20 work hours per week, EG 13 TV-H) with a fixed term for initially 9 months, starting July 1st 2018. The position offers the possibility for further academic qualification.


CF+ project is funded by the Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst (HMWK) and aims to revisit the dominant modes and practices of knowledge and artefact production in computer science through cyberfeminist and feminist new materialist lenses, and to produce innovative theoretical and methodological approaches in computing based on this revision. This will entail interrogating the power differentials embedded in computing technologies, and critically examining the epistemological frameworks that underpin computer science. Namely, it asks: what are the underlying conceptual notions in computer science and how do they (re)produce power dynamics? How are computer science theories gendered? How can insights from feminist new materialist and cyberfeminist perspectives help re-contextualize the methodologies and theories that are commonplace in computing?

Tasks: individual and collaborative research according to the main goals of CF+ (namely conducting a literature review
identifying relevant intersections between computer science and feminist computing, cyberfeminism and new materialism; suggesting research-based propositions for methodological innovations stemming from intersections of these fields; co-writing a white paper for further development of the project; co-writing and publishing a peer-reviewed journal paper); taking care of the practical organization of four research lab meetings with guest speakers; participation in research discussions with other GeDIS team members.

Requirements, among others: a completed university degree (MS.c. level) in computer science/informatics or in a related field (for example: information science, information systems, digital media, socio-informatics, system design) or a university degree (MA/MS.c. level) in gender studies, science and technology studies/sociology of technology or a related field and a solid knowledge of the field of computing; at least intermediary level of knowledge of gender studies and an interest in socially responsible technology development; a strong interest in academic research, experience in inter-/transdisciplinary work, as well as pronounced methodological and analytical skills; very good communication and organizational skills and team-orientation; very good knowledge of English (both oral and written).

The application deadline is May 28, 2018.

For further information, check the full job posting.