Call for Participation: 2nd Open Seminar „Sociomateriality: Exchanges on Theory and Empirical Issues“ (14–15 May 2018, Lund, Sweden)

As a continuation of last year’s open seminar on Sociomateriality in Uppsala, you are invited to Lund, Sweden on May 14–15 for the 2nd Open Seminar on Sociomateriality. The format will be similar to last year’s seminar.

The purpose of the seminar is to create an environment to facilitate exchange, discussion and debate on theoretical accounts (including ontological assumptions) that cut across different disciplines, and, most importantly, ideas on the operationalization of these theories/ontologies in empirical research. We aim to foster a supportive community for scholars interested in sociomateriality and welcome participants who draw on a variety of perspectives. Some suggested themes are methodological implications of sociomateriality, social implications of algorithmic phenomena, hybrid agency and the performativity of technology. The last three themes are based on the IFIP 8.2 2018 working conference and participants who plan to send a paper there are encouraged to submit their draft papers.

Attendance is free. The seminar is limited to 30 participants.

Applications and contributions need to be submitted until April 27th, 2018.

For more information, please check the full Call for Participation (PDF).