Call for Abstracts: Sessions at STS Conference Graz 2017 „Critical Issues in Science, Technology and Society Studies“ (May 8–9, 2017, Graz, Austria)

We want to remind you of the Call for Abstracts for the STS Conference Graz 2017 „Critical Issues in Science, Technology and Society Studies“ (May 8–9, 2017, Graz, Austria), which ends January 30, 2017, and in doing so also point out the tracks and sessions with their individual Call for Abstracts:

  • Queer-feminist and Gender Justice Issues in STS
    • S1 Good practices of gender equality in IST (Information Systems and Technology) institutions
    • S2 Motherhood and care-constructions and transformation through technologies
    • S3 Critical, feminist, and engaged eedagogies within STEM and social science education: Learning and teaching social justice
    • S4 Social gender justice in academia and research
    • S5 Women and GM crops: Understanding impacts and the need for socio-economic considerations
    • S6 Queer-feminist science and technology studies
  • Sustainable Food Systems
    • S7 Social (in)justice and food systems
  • The Mobility System and Social Justice
    • S8 Demand Responsive Transport Systems (DRTS) – a possibility to enhance social (mobility) justice in rural areas?
    • S9 Cycling cultures
  • Towards Low-Carbon Energy Systems
    • S10 Sharing local energy and regulatory response to it
    • S11 Energy landscapes as contented terrain
    • S12 Social justice in discourse of German energy transition
  • Digital STS Discourses
    • S13 The webvideo in science communication: issues and trends
    • S14 Digitalized industry and social emancipation
  • Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)
    • S15 RRI: How to move on from a concept to real change?
    • S16 How can an Innovation Responsible Research (RRI) support social justice?
  • General STS Topics
    • S17 Technical standardisation and STS
    • S18 New frontiers of surveillance: How just is an algorithm?

For submitting a proposal, please use the online form. Proposals for poster presentations are also appreciated; use the same online form and indicate poster as your presentation type.