Stellenangebot: Phd/fellowship in the areas of science and technology/critical data studies/education studies, Deadline: 15.03.2024

We are offering a PhD /fellowship in the broad interdisciplinary areas of science and technology studies/critical data studies/education studies at the Danish School of Education (DPU, campus Copenhagen), Aarhus University. An excellent non-Danish speaking candidate with creative ideas about how to gather empirical data in Denmark would have good chances. The PhD position forms part of the larger interdisciplinary project “Algorithms, Data and Democracy” ( funded by the VELUX Foundations.

 The widespread digitalization of Danish education has created new digital information infrastructures that enable data to flow between students’ private homes, educational institutions and private companies delivering the digital interfaces and services to schools. The PhD sub-project focuses on how different actors such as students/parents, teachers, educational administrators, and private companies make sense of educational data as they are produced and move through digital infrastructures. How are data mobilized as ‘private’ or ‘public’, as something in need of protection or an asset for improving education as it moves across different digital devices and organizations?