Veranstaltung: Rustlab “Best Futures”, Thursdays 14-16/16-18 hrs German Time

This winter term 2023/24 the RUSTlab is back with its 10th round of RUSTlab lectures and you are happily invited.
Feel free to join us on the respective dates from 14-16 hrs / 16-18 hrs German time on campus or live on Zoom!

This term’s guiding theme is: “Best Futures”

There are bigger-better-faster futures, business-as-usual futures, futures of technological innovation and futures of a damaged planet. What are our dreams and aspirations for the best future? What do we fear or dread? Which legacies must be trialled, tested or secured? What dilemmas should we engage with, when best futures are at stake? What responsibilities do we carry for those who come after us? What skills are needed to build futures and how do we train them? Who owns futures and how are they distributed? Which (planetary) resources of and for future-making are of concern?
These questions posed in this semester’s RUSTlab Lecture theme demand both speculation and pragmatism. Thinking about best futures is not a futile task, it invites cautious hope, not naïve to the damages already done, nor passive in engaging with the challenges ahead. Best futures try; they might fail; they will be exposed and put at stake. Our way to address what is yet to come is through questions of speculative formulations of how futures can become best.

12.10.2023, 16-18 hrs   Nancy Mauro-Flude (RMIT University, Australia): Feminist Server Stacks and the Intimacies of Infrastructure

09.11.2023, 14-16 hrs   Stefan Laser (Ruhr-University Bochum): Stand-in. A Political Economy of Energy Reserves

07.12.2023, 14-16 hrs   Hannes Krämer und Dominik Gerst (University of Duisburg-Essen): Die Zukunft Europas. Prospektive Grenzimaginationen bei Frontex

18.01.2024, 14-16 hrs   René Tuma (TU Berlin): How Visual Technologies Shape Police Oversight and Training

01.02.2024, 14-16 hrs   Femke Snelting (The Institute for Technology in the Public Interest): So-So-Sovereign Infrastructures

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The lectures will be held on Campus and/or live on ZOOM
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