Call for Papers: Collection “(Trans)nationally mandated digital solutions in healthcare: Development, implementation, adoption and failure”, Deadline: 31.12.2023

The digital transformation of healthcare is a complex undertaking. Integration of diverse stakeholders, (trans-)national interdependencies and ethical considerations are among the challenges in the digitalization process. Various digital instruments, such as electronic health records, have been developed at national levels, especially with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic (e.g., tracing apps). However, health information technology projects often fail. Power relations, negotiation processes and collaborative meaning making are central challenges for successful implementation, which in turn may result into resistances and frictions. This is particularly relevant for (trans)nationally mandated digital solutions, where implementation most often is slow and subject to various resistances.

This call, therefore, invites researchers from around the globe to examine the development, implementation, and adoption processes of various (trans)nationally mandated digital solutions and their consequences on societal levels from an empirical, theoretical, or conceptual perspective. The focus lies on interdisciplinary assessments of the current situation or the socio-historical course to show a transnational picture through this collection.

The following questions are of interest to this call, but do not represent an exclusive or definitive list:

• Which visions and specific goals are addressed and achieved with (trans)nationally mandated digital solutions in healthcare?

• How are (trans)nationally mandated digital solutions in healthcare designed and implemented?

• How are these solutions embedded in overall digitalization strategies, theoretical assumptions, as well as in existing structures and processes?

• Which actors participated in the development process of such digital solutions? And what are their responsibilities during the phases of the implementation process?

• What role do negotiation processes play in the processes?

• What can be learned from the development, implementation, or failure of these innovation processes?

• What are factors of success and barriers for fast and widespread implementation?

• Which societal impact do these (trans)nationally mandated digital solutions have?

Keywords: digitalization, eHealth, telematics, digital infrastructure, innovation, implementation

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