Neuigkeiten: New Working Group “Up to date in STS”

The “Up to Date in STS: Early Career Reading Group” aims to bring STS early career scholars across Germany together and learn more about their current projects and modes of working.

The working group “Up do Date in STS” is a forum for early career researchers (postdocs and docs) interested in reading recently published or unpublished cutting-edge STS books/book manuscripts and discussing them with the respective authors regularly.

They are a small group of postdocs working in different cities and fields. As such, they explicitly aim to keep track of monographs and edited volumes they consider key or even path-breaking contributions to STS beyond specific research communities.

To do this, they collectively gather and decide upon literature suggestions in preparatory meetings ahead of the actual ‘book club’ sessions. The latter will take place at least once a term.

Many thanks for this timely contribution to STS community building. Wait no longer and get in touch with access points Patrick Bieler (HU Berlin) and Ruzana Liburkina (GU Frankfurt) via our working group website.