Veranstaltung: iHUMAN GUEST SEMINAR “Embedding Ethics in a German healthcare robotics and AI research initiative”, online, 16.05.2023 16:00

As part of the ‘Human Futures’ theme, the Institute for the Study of the Human (iHuman) would like to invite you to an ONLINE iHUMAN GUEST SEMINAR, 16 May 2023, 16:00 BST. All are welcome.
Embedding Ethics in a German healthcare robotics and AI research initiative
Svenja Breuer and Maximillian Braun, Technical University of Munich
Over the last decades, numerous funding initiatives and policies have promoted robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) as an important research area for the healthcare sector. In this presentation, colleagues from Technical University of Munich present their ongoing work in a project called “Responsible Robotics (RR-AI)” that addresses the ethical, legal and social dimensions in a robotics research initiative in the federal state of Bavaria, Germany. They will provide a brief introduction into the Embedded Ethics and Social Sciences approach that guides their research and that foresees a bottom-up approach to the consideration of the ethical, legal and social dimensions of robotics and AI in healthcare. They share experiences from their interdisciplinary collaborations happening in the project and present first results emerging from our embedded collaborations with the initiative, ongoing fieldwork, and our interviews with important stakeholders around the initiative (engineers, healthcare practitioners, nursing scientists, funding bodies). They will discuss how certain imaginaries of healthcare shaped robot design and user engagement in the initiative and how the heterogenous set of researchers involved in the initiative copes differently with the many expectations around their research.

Svenja Breuer and Maximillian Braun are doctoral candidates at the Department of Science, Technology and Society at the Technical University of Munich. They are part of the research project “Responsible Robotics and AI in Healthcare” funded by the Bavarian Institute for Digital Transformation (bidt).

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