Veranstaltung: “Bordering Europe: A Transdisciplinary Lecture Series”, hybrid/University of Graz, Wednesdays 18:00-19:30 CEST

Lecture Series – Hybrid – Livestream – University of Graz (Austria)

Bordering Europe: A Transdisciplinary Lecture Series

This transdisciplinary lecture series features a distinguished group of scholars, journalists, and activists who work on critical aspects of contemporary dimensions of the European border regime.

They will present their insights based on the fields of architecture, anthropology, geography, gender studies, political science, and journalism to shed light on the complex and intertwined processes of bordering in and of Europe.

26th April– 21st June 2023

Wednesdays 18:00–19:30 University of Graz Lecture Hall 06.02 (Vorklinik) Universitätsplatz 6



Cluster “Migration, Borders, and Mobilities in, around, and across Europe” – part of the field of excellence “Dimensions of Europa”

Bilgin Ayata (
Ulrich Ermann (


26th April 2023: Bordering Europe through VIOLENCE

Charles Heller
(Border Forensics, Genève, Switzerland)

10th May 2023: Bordering Europe through RISK ANALYSIS

Saskia Stachowitsch
(Central European University, Vienna, Austria)

24th May 2023: Bordering Europe through INFORMATION CONTROL

Stavros Malichudis
(Solomon Magazine, Athens, Greece)

7th June 2023: Bordering Europe through BIOSECURITY

Larissa Fleischmann
(University of Halle-Wittenberg, Germany)

21st June 2023: Bordering Europe through GEOPOLITICS

Corey Johnson
(University of North Carolina at Greensboro, USA)


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