Veranstaltung: 3rd stsing e. V. General Assembly, 05.05.2023, 13:00-17:00, in hubs and online

3rd stsing e.V. General Assembly, May 5, 13:00-17:00
We are pleased to reach out to you concerning the upcoming 3rd stsing e.V. general assembly, informing you about the tentative program and a call to include more items and/or organise a hub for your local STS community.
1. Date, Zoom Link, and Panel Discussion
The association will meet on **May 5 2023 13-17 hrs in a decentralized format**, both in hubs and online via zoom. The link will be sent out in a separate mail.
We hope that our meeting will be more than administrative duty. To make it an inspiring afternoon, we welcome  Prof. Dr. Gisela Welz and Prof. Dr. Jörg Niewöhner to a panel discussion onthe State of STS in Germany and Visions of stsing e.V. Note that the panel discussion will be public.
2. Preliminary Program
At the centre of the meeting, however, is the association’s annual general assembly. All members are encouraged to include additional items to the agenda by sending an email to by April 21.
Prelimininary Agenda of stsing’s 3rd General Assembly
13:00 Welcome and Quorum
13:10 Financial Report and Discussion on Spending Policy
13:55 Nominations Board of stsing e.V.
14:15 Break
14:35 Interactive Workshop by the Working Groups
15:05 Board Report
15:25 Break
15:45 Panel on the State of STS in Germany and Visions of stsing e.V. with Prof. Dr. Gisela Welz, Prof. Dr. Jörg Niewöhner and Dr. Stefan Laser
16:45 Closing
Timeline and Further Information
Note, this is a preliminary program only. Please consider adding agenda items that you wish to discuss during the GA by sending an email to The deadline for requests is two weeks before the general assembly, April 21, 2023.The updated program will be published on stsing’s website and shared in a third mail before the event.
Nominations for the board are now open! The nominees will be presented during the GA.
3. Call for Hubs
stsing lives through the engagement of its members and their interaction. Though we are very aware of the positive aspects of online meetings, we would be thrilled also to give as many members as possible the chance to meet in person. We, therefore, invite all members to organise a stsing hub for the upcoming GA for their local or regional STS community.
Please get in touch with the board via until April 21 if you want to organise a local hub in your area, and note that you will not need much more than a stable wifi connection and a room/space to gather. We, as the board, are happy to assist hubs and will organise a hub in Frankfurt (Main) and Bochum.
Looking very much forward to (e-)meeting you again and discussing the present and future of stsing e.V. with you!