Veranstaltung: “Across the Layers: Scientific Knowledge Production, Planetary Resources, and Data Centres”, Online Worksop Series

Across the Layers: Scientific Knowledge Production, Planetary Resources, and Data Centres

In the past years, we have seen fascinating and important studies coming up in Critical Data Studies, Media Studies and Science & Technology Studies on data centres and their oftentimes destructive environmental impacts due to vast energy and water consumption. We have also seen important studies on data practices in science, and how the value of data changes in research and reshapes scientific knowledge production. However, rarely are studies of data centres and attention to planetary resources brought together with research on scientific knowledge production and scientific data practices. What are the material impacts of scientific data practices on the planet? In what ways are data centres related to planetary resources and scientific knowledge production? How can we think about IT infrastructures as both epistemic and planetary? How do we as scholars deal with and conceptualise our knowledge production as a material and planetary factor?

In this online workshop series, we have gathered key scholars of the three fields for short, intense, and frequent discussions on planetary resources, data centres and scientific knowledge production. Over three weeks, we will meet online every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 16 hrs CET to share concerns, ideas, concepts, empirical findings, political statements, and good laughs.

You can join the discussions as fits your interests and availability. No need to pre-register, just show up! Thinking together keeps us warm in the energy crisis.


(all workshops 4-5pm)

February 20th
Mél Hogan – Data Promises
February 22nd
David Ribes – Generating More and Less Data & Specimens in AIDS and Ecological Science
February 24th
Jenna Burrell – On half-built Assemblages: Waiting for a Data Denter in Prineville, Oregon
February 27th
Sebastián Lehuedé – Mobilising Water: Elemental Resistance Against Terricidal Technologies
March 1st
Constance Carr, Karinne Madron – The Janus-face of Urbanism Led by Large Digital Corporations: Glamorous Headquarters and Monstrous Data Centers
March 3rd
Sabina Leonelli – The Conceptual Architecture of Data Sustainability: Examples from Crop Science
March 6th
Anne Pasek – Digital Climate Entanglements: From Phatic to DIY Data Infrastructures
March 10th
Julia Velkova – Greening the Cloud: Big Tech wind parks, colonial politics and “affected” publics in Sweden
March 13th
James Maguire – Eco-Tech Imaginaries: Data, Resources, and Future Colonialisms

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