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Masterstudium STS in München

Am Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS) der Technischen Universität München gibt es einen neuen Masterstudiengang Science and Technology Studies: Flyer_MA_STS

The Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS) of the TU Munich is relaunching its Master’s program in Science and Technology Studies. It is now an English language program and will start in October 2016.

The STS Master’s Program at MCTS is empirical, interdisciplinary, reflexive and research oriented.

From bio-technology to energy transitions, automated mobility to data security, the big challenges facing societies today are inseparably scientific, technical and social. The Master’s program Science and Technology Studies (STS) will teach you how to reflexively research, develop problem-solving skills and critically intervene in the big socio-technical issues of our time.

In the Master’s program you will learn

  • empirical research methods and analytical skills to study the conditions and consequences of contemporary science and technology
  • interdisciplinary approaches to urgent questions about regulation, responsibility and sustainability of science and technology

Alongside the STS Master’s program, we offer specializations in the Philosophy of Science and Technology or the History of Science and Technology.

The STS Master’s program is research oriented. The program prepares you for future academic research (such as a PhD), as well as careers in science and technology management, science communication and journalism, and in science funding and policy.

Studying the Master’s program STS will equip you to both deal with the challenges and embrace the opportunities of today’s technologized societies.

Watch the video on YouTube here:


  • Applications for the new Master’s program will be accepted once the program has been approved for start by the Ministry of Education. The application period will close on July 31 2016.
  • If you are interested in the program, please send an email to You will receive further information about the program and the official start date for application.

More information will be provided soon on our website:

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